Upcoming Ultreyas – Weekends

If you are interested in attending one of our retreats, click the link to fill out the application and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form

Pilgrim Application

Pilgrim Application


Co-ED #15

October 3-6, 2024

Team Candidate Reunion Oct 19, 2024

Co-Ed #16

May 1-4, 2025

Team Candidate Reunion May 17, 2025

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August 17, 2024

Black Creek Methodist Church

Secretariat 3-5 pm

Potluck 5-6 pm

Joint Ultreya and Emaus 6-7:30 pm

September 21, 2024

Crossroad Lutheran Church

Lunch Ultreya directly following team meeting

Lunch 1-2 pm

Ultreya 2-3:30 pm

October 19, 2024

Tean/Candidate reunion

Reunion 3-5 pm

Secretariat 3-5 pm

Potluck Dinner meet the pilgrims 5-6 pm

November 16, 2024

To be determined

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